A fresh word from Rob

A fresh word from Rob

So... is Rob a Universalist?

by Rev. Rob Radosti on 07/09/14

SO, I was asked if I was a Universalist the other day. The person did not want an explanation, only a yes or no answer. I am assuming that since I profess Jesus as Savior, they are wanting to know if I am a "Christian Universalist." There are two main schools of thought to Universalism - Unitarian and Christian, however it also has faces throughout eastern religions and even non-spiritual religious philosophies. Unitarians believe that religion is a universal quality, and that there is not one road to "heaven."

Christian Universalism is a concept that states that because of the loving and merciful nature of God and His abounding grace through Jesus, all will be saved and restored in the end. To answer the question, no, I am not a Universalist. The reconciliation that Christ has provided with His own blood, however, IS a universal concept in the same way that all of humanity having fallen in the disobedience of Adam is a universal concept. This should not be confused with universalism, because universalism is a poor excuse for the gospel. It is the revelation of this great reconciliation that causes us to announce the good news to humanity, that they too would discover what they have been given in Christ.

The Gospel was created to be responded to, and God's divinity exists to be participated in. Universalism cancels out these equations (both the Unitarian AND the Christian forms), and thus voids the word of God making it dangerous.

I have watched numerous friends whom I love turn aside to universalism in the past year, and I myself had questions that I was seeking the Holy Spirit for the answers to. The Holy Spirit answered me with a raging fire at the end of 2013, and I couldn't be more thankful. Many are going as far as to say "God is a Universalist" because He desires that all men be saved. I say that is a dangerous line to walk. Desiring for all to be saved in the sense of their receiving their free gift is not Universalism, and is a shoddy excuse to call it so. God Himself desires that all are saved, yet He is just and would not force humanity to receive Him to the extent that He would not force humanity to reject Him! We cannot assume that God will "eventually" do anything as much as we cannot assume that we know the day or hour of Jesus' physical return. A more dangerous form of Universal Reconciliationism (not to be confused with biblical reconciliation of humanity by the blood of Jesus) is the teaching that the devil and his angels have also been reconciled through the finished work of Jesus Christ, and there is absolutely no scriptural precedent for this view whatsoever. Instead of attempting to call the shots because there are some aspects of God's plan of redemption that we cannot understand in our finite minds, let us leave the specifics up to God while we continue to simply declare the good news. Is it that difficult? Some are reinterpreting the Bible to mean what it doesn't say, and yet others are avoiding the need for the blood of Jesus in the first place and even denying His deity - yet these are the up and coming "christian" teachers. Many also claim to celebrate the "divinity" of humanity, and this too can cross a dangerous line in my opinion into idolatry and humanism covered with "glory" lingo if we are not careful.

We need to ensure that we recognize Christ in all without forfeiting them the right to choose to participate in His divine nature as they have all been offered, the right to become children of God.

This is the fine line between an objective truth and a subjective truth. Humanity is indeed His offspring, and yet they need to lay claim to their right to once again walk in Him unseparated by their own unbelief.

How to recognize closet Universalism

The closet universalism that exists out there right now is such that it begins with denying the need for leadership and/or corporate worship (usually because of hurt). It then snowballs to respecting others where they are at on their own spiritual journey (of course we always respect others, but it is important to differentiate between those claiming active participation in the body of Christ and those who aren't there yet), and then frequently evolves to tolerance for sinful lifestyles and extra-christian religious practices in the name of "grace." It then begins to question whether Jesus really can be the only way to the Father, and begins to name off all of the nice, hard working people who God surely wouldn't turn away from heaven because they didn't accept Jesus at some point in their life (point of the Gospel completely missed at this stage). From here, it cascades into a bottomless pit of idolatry, denial of the trinity and deity of Jesus, and finally into social justice issues and postmodern ideology (Please note that by "social justice" I am not referring to helping the poor and needy, rather I am referring to purely carnal and cultural post modern ridiculousness). And there you have it. I have seen it with plenty of acquaintances in the last 12 months, and it could be happening to you.

If your heart is racing as you read this, do not receive condemnation, simply reject false doctrine and thank the Lord for fresh guidance. It is your time to awaken and walk in the supernatural destiny that has been placed on your life from the foundation of the earth! There MUST be a response to the Gospel, or people will remain the same never knowing the freedom that was purchased for them. Jesus Christ is the only way, and His name is the ONLY name under heaven by which men can be saved.
I hope this answers some of your questions.


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